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  • A Parent’s Guide to Encouraging Independent Play

    Do you have trouble working at home because your kids cling to you? Do they complain that they’re bored when you try to limit TV time? Teaching you...
  • Quiet Time for Toddlers: 5 Tips for Dropping the Afternoon Nap

    When your toddler begins to outgrow his afternoon nap, his little body still needs down time to rest and reflect. Rebranding the afternoon nap as Q...
  • The Ultimate Guide to Toy Rotation

    Has your child ever stood in a room filled with toys and said, “I’m bored”?  Toy rotation is a simple solution to this common problem. Most children have too many toys and feel overwhelmed by choice.

    In toy rotation, instead of having all the toys out at once, you divide them into smaller, more manageable groups. These groups are then switched out every so often, keeping the toys fresh and interesting. Since there are not as many toys out, children are more likely to dive deeper into meaningful play instead of flitting around from toy to toy and playing superficially.

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