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About Us

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Hi! I'm Jenny and I am a mom of 2 children. When my daughter was 3 and she started to outgrow her nap, I quickly realized that I was not willing to give up my alone time! So we instituted Quiet Time- she didn't have to nap, but she had to stay in her room during that time and play quietly.

I created Quiet Time bins filled with toys and activities that she could play with independently, and did not create a mess. I would rotate the bins and hide them away when not in use. The toys and activities held her attention since she only played with them during Quiet Time and she did not get to play with them on a regular basis. Every time I would get out a new bin, she would become so excited to see what today's bin held. This independent playtime worked wonders for her imagination and her creativity, and we would often see an improvement in her mood after Quiet Time.

I have curated the Play Quietly collection to help other families find new and eco-friendly toys and activities to keep their little ones occupied- during Quiet Time, while feeding a baby, on road trips, or any other time you need them to be! I hope you find something that inspires your kids to Play Quietly and independently.

-Jenny Pitman

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