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Busy Boxes

Our smaller version- These themed Busy Box sets have 3 items in each bundle.  These bundles are perfect for shorter amounts of time (20-30 minutes) so you can take a shower, feed a baby, or hop on a ZOOM call. You can purchase just the themed set, or you can add a storage box to keep your bundle organized.

Keep the Busy Box hidden away in a closet and only bring it out when you need your child to be playing independently. Your little one will be so excited to play with what's inside the box because it is "new", and it will give you time to step away from them and give you time to yourself. Then, when you are done, pack the box back up and hide it away again. Keep it magical and fresh by hiding it away until the next time it is needed.

The items chosen for the Busy Box bundles are centered around a theme and include a variety of engaging activities ranging from building blocks and puzzles to memory games and coloring!

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